You’re here to thrive – not just get by.

What does that look and feel like?

Maybe you don’t really know yet …

Or maybe you’ve been holding onto your dreams for a while now …



You’re ready to make that business idea a reality.

You want to meet and connect with your special someone.

You’re ready for your home and work spaces to look and feel amazing.

You dream about what you would do with more financial freedom.

You’d love to experience less stress and have more fun.


Whatever it looks and feels like for you – I know this:

You are a powerful creator.

You have the power to connect to your inner guidance.

You have the power to change your beliefs.

You have the power to shift your experience.

And knowing this, can change everything.


This is where your freedom lives.

This is how you get to your best life.

And in our coaching together, you’ll learn how to create a life that feels like it was made just for you.


How does coaching work?

In your coaching sessions, we get clear on what you truly want and where your heart is calling you. I support and guide you in releasing or shifting what may be getting in the way. This may involve clearing clutter from both your “inner” and “outer” spaces – your home, work, finances, relationships, body, and mind. You’ll learn (or be reminded) to tune in to your intuition, connect with your inner guidance and create clear, focused intentions.

We discover where you can let go, simplify, clarify, shift, add support, create beauty, open to inspiration, and make space for your dreams. And I’m also a huge fan of calling in your spiritual support team. I believe we’ve always got the infinite support of the Universe available, and it’s just waiting for us to call it in.

And, I’m right there alongside you as you step into your best life.


What does coaching involve?

  • Confidentiality and a safe space to explore, play, discuss and discover

  • Deep listening

  • Powerful questions

  • Intuition

  • Clearing

  • Belief work

  • Spiritual Laws

  • Energy work

  • Strategizing

  • Fun and laughter (even while doing life-transforming work!)

  • Tools and practices for clarity, visioning, manifesting and abundance

  • Accountability and follow-up


Contact me to schedule a free phone consultation.

Let’s get started!



About working with Inspired Spaces Coaching –

“Diane is gentle and soothing, yet extremely effective in her coaching. She has led me in a process of self-discovery and helped me to answer my own difficult questions about what I want. I feel like I have found the courage to make important and life-changing decisions in my life as a result of the work we have done together.”

Rebecca H.


“During my session with Diane, she asked very insightful questions with just the right amount of probing to get to the core of the matter and focus me on what my immediate next steps should be in furthering my career goals.”

Kelli H.


“I had wondered how coaching would work and if it was for me. After just one coaching session with Diane, I understand the process much better and fully see the benefit of coaching. If you are wondering if coaching is for you, I can only say ‘go for it!’

I went into the session with two possible coaching topics, knowing I really should talk about my job, but hesitant to do that because I thought I already knew what I had to do to grow my business and doing that particular thing wasn’t something that I really wanted to do. Diane listened carefully to what I was saying and asked incisive questions. She is amazing! What she drew out of me was the realization that I don’t have to do what I’m lukewarm about, that there are other, more exciting possibilities that are immediately do-able and that will actually generate guaranteed income. She coached me to set immediately attainable goals that will lead to intermediate goals, and that I can think even bigger! Thank you, Diane!”

Jeanne M.


Your investment:

1 session (50 minutes):  $125.00 USD

4 sessions (50 minutes each):  $450.00 USD

8 sessions (50 minutes each):  $900.00 USD

Life Coaching


We meet on the phone or Skype. This allows us to work together from anywhere there’s a phone or internet connection.


  • In order to be present and gain the most value during your sessions, plan ahead and make appropriate arrangements to minimize distractions (childcare, visitors, other phone calls, etc.).
  • Coaching sessions and packages are non-refundable and are to be completed within one year of purchase.
  • All coaching sessions must be paid in full prior to the start of the session.
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the start of a scheduled session time is required for a cancellation. If a scheduled session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full session fee will be charged.