Let’s create inspired spaces – and inspired lives.

Imagine walking into your home or work space and feeling a happy calm wash over you.

Your eyes rest on colors and textures you love.

Moving through your space feels easy and welcoming.

You have comfortable, organized, and beautiful spaces to rest, play, eat, work and spend time with people you love.


Imagine your home is your sanctuary.

It’s your place to relax and rejuvenate.

It’s where you feel creative, inspired and free to be yourself.

It’s where you spend time away from the world and where you invite others in to share a meal and good conversation.


Now Imagine having a partner to help you get there.

Working together, you’ll create beautiful, organized, healthy and functional living spaces.

And along the way, you’ll be creating space for what matters most in your life.


The things we own, the clutter we keep, the arrangement and health of our living spaces, all impact the flow of how we live our lives.


Your living spaces can serve as a reflection and support for you for all the areas of your life:

Your entryway is a connection and a boundary with the outer world.

Your living room is a space for sharing and relaxing.

Your kitchen and dining areas are spaces for gathering and nourishment.

Your home office is a space for being of service and creating prosperity.

Your bathroom is a place for self-care and cleansing.

Your bedroom is a space for resting, rejuvenating and passion.


As you create beautiful, clear, and organized spaces, you create containers and support for a beautiful and inspired life.

And along the way, you may even find that you are creating more energy, calm, clarity, creativity, time, and money!


To get started, contact me for a free consultation.



About working with Inspired Spaces Coaching –

“Diane helps you discover the beauty and panache that you have dreamed of for your home, and ultimately for yourself. I couldn’t imagine how working together virtually via photos and phone chats would work. But in one session, Diane put me at ease quickly when I realized she really has an eye for placement and color. And she helped me solve a design dilema I’d had for years!”

Susan L.


“I am definitely a sentimental pack rat. This makes it nearly impossible to get rid of old junk. Diane’s gentle yet effective approach helped me get over my organizing paralysis. She broke up the project into bite-size steps, that were easy to accomplish in a short amount of time. I was able to detach myself from the clutter, and make room for new, awesome things! Thanks Diane!”

Dena O.


“I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to start my business not long after moving into my new home! My home office became the dumping ground for all the stuff we procrastinated in making decisions about and was the very last room to get organized. The motivation to do it just wasn’t there. I hated going into the office, it was just one big to-do item. I didn’t know when it would ever be business-ready.

Then stepped in Diane Mayo of Inspired Spaces Coaching. Diane did an awesome job of keeping me on task. She kept me focused and moving forward!  It was just sooo much easier to do it with Diane as my coach! Diane is very organized, kind yet firmly focused, compassionate, encouraging and non-judgmental. When we finished, I ended up with a business-ready office. And the very next day, I got my first client! Creating an inspired space really does bring in good energy!

If you need help getting organized to create the space you want to have the life you want, no matter how big or small the project, it is well-worth the investment to have Diane help you take your space and life to the next level!  Thank you very much, Diane!!!”

Yvette D.W.


During your consultation, we’ll determine the scope of your interiors project. You may choose to focus specifically on one area, like your home office or kitchen, or be ready to move through your home holistically, room by room.

We’ll meet virtually (over the phone or on Skype), so you can be located anywhere within the United States or Canada. The technology we’ll use include a camera (camera on your phone works great!), email, Pinterest, and phone and/or Skype.


Interiors Coaching Packages include:

+ A strategy coaching session to get started (over the phone or on Skype)

+ Weekly 50-minute coaching sessions (over the phone or on Skype)

+ A plan of action for each week


Your investment:

1 Strategy Session:  $150.00 USD

2 Sessions $250.00 USD

4 Sessions $450.00 USD

8 Sessions $900.00 USD

Interiors Coaching


  • Coaching packages are to be purchased prior to scheduling the first session.
  • You, as the Client, are fully responsible for any and all decisions regarding your property (including, but not limited to, what to discard, recycle, sell, or give away) and for any and all life decisions.
  • In order to be fully present and gain the most value during your sessions, it is recommended that you plan ahead for any childcare needs and other arrangements to minimize distractions (visitors, phone calls, etc.).
  • Coaching sessions and packages are non-refundable and are to be completed within one year of the date of purchase.
  • Unless agreed otherwise by both Coach and Client, sessions in a package are to be completed in consecutive weeks.
  • A minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the start of a scheduled session time is required for cancelling and rescheduling. The rescheduled date and time must be agreed on by both Coach and Client. If a scheduled session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the session will be forfeited. If the Client would then like to add the forfeited session, a payment equal to that portion of the package may be made and a new date and time for the session agreed on by both Coach and Client.